I have been working on a grasshopper script (which I am still very new to grasshopper) to try and create organic shapes for a university project I have. I have hit a roadblock in my script as I can’t figure out how to vary the thicknesses in the organic form that is created. When I try to run another Exoskeleton component to change the thicknesses of certain lines it views it as a separate thing and doesn’t merge it into the form. I’ve tried using the list item and the culling component but nothing seems to work. Any help would greatly be appreciated.
Exoskelton Script.gh (14.3 KB)

Hi @luke.pearce1,

Instead of Exoskeleton, you could use Fattener by geometry god @DanielPiker.
Here’s how it practically works:

Basically you have a line graph and place spheres with a desired radius on the unique end points. The sphere radius then defines the thichness of the mesh at each knot.

I believe there’s also a new way with SubDiv in Rhino 7 beta, which can do something similiar, but maybe not with varying radii.

Thanks mate that’s perfect, works extremely well, although I’m having trouble with one issue. The mesh overlaps through itself when I connect more than 4 curves into one point. If you have any ideas it would help a lot.

@DanielPiker, do you know how to fix that?

Hi - Daniel’s most recent code for this is in the MultiPipe command in Rhino 7 and seems to work fine for that topology. A Grasshopper component for this is in the works.