3d lattice

I´m trying to rebuild this 3D Grid in Grasshopper, but I already fail trying to find out which Geometry it is.

Has someone an idea?
Thank you

Already there is a similar thread. Is it a school assignment ???.


It is not a very difficult structure.

  • take a cube and rotate it so it is on one point
  • delete 3 edges
  • pack it smartly

Build it first in Rhino so you see what happens and over which angles you have to rotate it. Then find out how to pack them. Points of the rotated cube coincide with points from the next cube. Then repeat the actions in Grasshopper so you end up with a lattice.
The next step I’m not sure; use Dendro plugin for thickening of the lattice I’m guessing.

We study architecture and we are looking for an interesting construction pattern. This one seemed interesting to our team but we can’t figure out the geometry behind this one.

See my former post for the process (the base module is a twice rotated cube). My gh file for generating the lattice is a mess right now, so I won’t post that one. But I post here the lattice thickened with dendro. So you really need the Dendro plugin for this file:lattice_Dendro.gh (59.6 KB)

How can this structure be any useful?
All the stress is transformed into flexion and torsion in the nodes.
It’s using the cube cell in its weakest direction (diagonal force) …

Thank you! That was very helpful.

thank you for that hint. We’re not sure which lattice we´ll use. We just thought that one looks interesting.
We are looking for alternative 3D Grids to one like this:


Is it something like this

Lattice Basic BVR.gh (7.0 KB)


It can be beneficial for some materials to be arranged into a lattice that derives its mechanical properties from the bending strength of the beam elements. This particular lattice is probably used with some elastomer and utilizes the buckling of the beam and gradient to retain some toughness of the bulk material while also reducing mass.

Edit: this structure also appears to have a different deformation mechanism depending on the direction of loading

Want to make a 3d printed sole (Product design thesis) in rhino like the image shown. Can somebody please resolve the grasshopper code for me? I am somehow not bale to get it although the basic concept here is 3d lattice. PFA of grasshopper file.Shoe lattice 3d.gh (23.5 KB)


I couldn’t open your file because my interalattice version mismatches with your file. You can achieve something like my work (attached below) or even better with Interalattice, Crystallon Pufferfish. Try to upload updated file so that I can look at it.


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