GH Exoskeleton meshes not joining?


I have just started using Grasshopper for university so please excuse my ignorance.

I am trying to use Exoskeleton to thicken lines to use in an architectural rendering. My first few attempts did not work (1 and 2 in the attached .gh file). Attempts 3 and 4 both work, but it looks like ExoW is working on individual lines rather than the collection as a whole, if that makes sense.

Part of the problem is that I do not know the correct terminology to search for help. Could anyone please give me some tips of key words to search for, or even better some pointers on the script itself? The input geometry has been internalised, and after that point, I use the Topologizer and Exoskeleton plug-ins. I generally work in Rhino 6 but also have Rhino 5.

Thank you very much

Exoskeleton (394.6 KB)

I’m also interested in the solution to this problem. I run into the same thing on Rhino 6 with my own file, but can’t also even open example files from David Stasiuk found here.

You need to flatten the input to L. Right now you treat every curve segment as an individual thing in its own list.

this coud help you…Its Rhino5.


Thanks Michael, I’m a big fan of your work!

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