_laTerrainAddCutAndFill over cut

This _laTerrainAddCutAndFill doesn’t work, why ?

Tested with 30 and 45°, divide or not.
It makes a very big hole, as if the curve was projected to the construction plane.

2023-03-13 _laTerrainAddCutAndFill bug.3dm (2.8 MB)

The problem is that the selected curve is not planar, not all its points are contained in the same plane. Lands Design needs a plane to build the cut and fill, and if the points don’t define it then it takes XY plane on the terrain base (lowest z value). Maybe a better choice would be to take the curve middle z value, but anyway the right is to use a planar curve.

To solve it you can select the curve and use the _laElevateToZero command, that will project the curve to the XY plane on z=0. Later you can translate it to the desired elevation (z=27) by using the _laElevate command or dragging it, or using the Gumball, etc.

Once you have the curve planar and at the desired elevation you can use it again to create the terrain cut and fill. You can delete the wrong cut and fill from the Input Data tab in the Terrain properties (in the Lands Design Edit panel).


Command: _laTerrainAddCutAndFill
Pick terrain. Press Enter when done
Pick an angle for the slope within the interval (0…90) <45>
Pick a closed curve ( Divide=Yes )

should be “Pick a closed planar curve”

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