Cut and fill problem

I tried using the cut and fill command and it created a pit, does anyone have an idea how to fix this

Even in the case of a simple addition of a rectangle it still produces a strange change in topography

You can try the following:

  • make sure that the curve you are selecting to create the cut and fill doesn’t have consecutive repeated vertices or self-intersections

  • avoid high coordinate values: do not create the terrain far away from the document origin point. Do not create it when the document units are very small (like millimeters). If you need so, you can change the units later so that the terrain be scaled by just scaling its transform matrix, keeping the internal data in the original units (meters are usually a good choice)

You can also send to the 3dm file so that can take a look and figure out what’ wrong.

Check the cell size, you can introduce a smaller cell size to have sharper edges.