Road and Site Grading in a Hilly Terrain

Hello Guys! I am working on a hill resort project where I am facing huge trouble in making roads and site grading. I need to place the road and building along with cut and fill options. Is there any way to do that using Lands Design. I need a smoother road which cuts along the terrain contour and capable adjusting it wherever needed.

Hi Logesh,
Sorry for the late reply.
Lands Design has a cut and fill command (terrain tools) that you can use after that you can create a division to be able to asigned some texture. But if you want a way to make a path and this one get adjust itself on the terrain you can use the “add path” command (terrain tool) which is adjusted automatically on the terrain and itself is producing the cut and fills required to get the path if you want asigned some texture you have to create a division after that. . In the vegetation tool bar you have “path” just you have to design a profile in the X axis and anable the command adjust terrain in the Lands Panel

hope this help.

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