Both V-Ray 2 and 3 operational?


I’m quite worried about some reports involving V-Ray 3 crashes and instability. I’d like to take the free upgrade but I need to keep a fully operational renderer. Is it possible to have V-Ray 2 and 3 operational at the same time? What would be a solution if not?


officially You can not use them togheter.
At least you can use vray 3.4 for 64 bit version of rhino and vray 2.0 for 32 bit version.

there is infact a workaround, but it’s not officially raccomended., If I were you, I will wait for @matt_newberg response.

I had many, many crashes through the first tutorial when I first tried Vray 3.0 a few days ago. Once I found the toggle for GPU acceleration needed to be turned off for ‘progressive’ rendering my crashes stopped completely. It’s been very stable since. I do find some discrepancies in output between Interactive and Progressive modes, though.

Hi, How do you guys already test Vray 3.4 for Rhino ?! In my case Plugin Won´t load and crash Rhino at startup,i really don´t understand why . Any ideias about this issue ? Thanks in advance.

For Interactive render we always always using Brute force/Brute Force and for Progressive you could use any rendering engine like Irradiance map and Light Cache. I believe that the difference could be related to this.

This seem to be related to licensing issues. Better to email
When you type in your internet browser: localhost:30304 that open your Online license server. You should logging to be able to see your license. What you see there.? Can you see your trial license?

Hi, Thank you for your reply. I check my license status. Online License - Expires soon, more data. - And bellow - No licensees available. I’m getting this issues in Windows. [ with Rhino and Sketchup too - crash boths at start up] However I give it a try in Mac, [ Sketchup 3.4 version ] and works ´fine´. [ some bugs - crash with progressive mode]. Maybe it´s better I contact chaosgroup.