New V-Ray 3.4 trial, not able to load Plugin

Hi everyone, in the last few days i´m trying to install new Vray 3.0 in Rhino 5 trial on a Pc windows without successful results. Rhino crash everytime a try to start up. - I also try to load Vray manually through safe mode but it seems that there is a file .dll missing in the package, Anyone over here already had the same issue ? I also found this article, i´m not sure if is relevant or not : Thanks in advance

@FilipeReis The best option for troubleshooting this error is contacting Chaosgroup support at

The link you provided no longer applies to V-Ray 3 for Rhino since we no longer use Qt for our UI.

Ok, Thank you Matt. I will try to contact them.

@FilipeReis I’m having same problem. Have you found the solution?