Lasso command should work with point clouds [feature request]

Please expand the lasso command to work well also with point clouds.

Brush selection (SelBrushPoints) is very slow and you can`t precisely select points because you see dots instead of line selection.

Above you can see you it looks when I try to select points with SelBrushPoints command and one continuous stroke. I could make it lower and hide some points :slight_smile: but I can`t use the lasso selection to do that :slight_smile:

I would like to select, delete and hide points from point cloud scans. I think that many people would like to see those features inside Rhino.

Without selecting dots it`s also impossible f.e. create patch over points (patch command). In my opinion, the Lasso command should work with everything (including point clouds).

Hi Marcin -

Using the SelectionFilterVertices command, you can select points in a point cloud with the Lasso selection.

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