Point cloud editing and surfacing commands

Which Rhino 7 commands may be useful for working with point clouds (without external plugins)?

I know that the patch command may be useful to change points segment into the surface.
Are there any more commands which work well with point clouds? Is there any command for segmentation big scan to simpler point cloud shapes (for using patch command over it)? Instead of a segmentation tool maybe some command for the slicing point cloud may be used for the same thing.

Is there any more surface command (except patch) that works over point cloud to generate a surface from many points? If you know any more commands related to point clouds I also will be happy to know them. Anything that may be useful in editing point clouds and surfacing over them (or meshing them).

Thanks in advance.

Hello - there is not a lot, really, in plain Rhino for dealing with point clouds directly -

You can subselect within a point cloud for patch - I don’t know of that helps much but for example, Ctrl-Shift window selecting, or Lasso or SelBoundary work - you can then Patch on this selection directly.



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I`ve tried also SelBrushPoints command over point cloud but the selection disappeared after releasing the left mouse button. Does it the wrong command?


Yeah, I saw that and it looks broken to me, I’ll get it on the list.
RH-66159 SelBrushPoints on point clouds


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Is there any average curve creation command based on many points?

How to do lasso selection during patch command selection (ctrl+shift)?

Is there any command to get surface from point cloud trimmed only to points position without that extended area (red crosses)?

Maybe I think wrong. Maybe I should search curve from points command to get boundaries and to do my new surfaces from curves network. Is there any way to pull the existing surface to the point cloud?

Hello - getting the boundary may be teduious - what might work better - in cases where it works - is to draw your curve first, in 2d, use it in SelBoundary to select the points and then use it to trim the resulting patch. The Cplane you draw in will need to be one that makes sense to trim from.


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