Point clouds and clipping planes

I have a problem/request. I brought in a point cloud from a client. It had points I did not need. I created a clipping plane so I could see an area of interest I wanted to alter. I then went to Curve/Point Cloud/Remove Points. I selected the point cloud then I used the Select Points/Lasso Points tool, selected the points I wanted, hit return then delete. The points were gone, Great! However, when I turned off the clipping plane, all the points that were behind the clipping plane where I was orientated in the view were also gone.
Frankly, I don’t think the point editing/removal tool should work that way. Shouldn’t it be when using the clipping plane anything that is hidden would also not be included in the selection set? And if you agree, I was wondering if you all could fix that for a near future release. You probably should have a main menu item for points as well like some of the other main functions, just saying.
Regardless, I had to stop what I was doing, re-import everything and start again from scratch and I might abandon using that tool in the future even though it’s much more efficient than V5.
Anyway, thanks for listening.

Hello - I see that, thanks for pointing it out. The problem looks like it is in Lasso - a Window selection respects the clipping.


RH-57262 is fixed in the latest WIP

Super! Thank you!

Hi Brian,
I was working today on a point cloud today with several clipping planes and using the following from the main menu:
Curve\point cloud\remove points and using the lasso points tool. Again, the lasso point tool is not respecting the clipping planes again. This is the version I am using.

Version 6 SR28
(6.28.20199.17141, 7/17/2020)

Thanks for your help
Chuck Rogers

Hi Chuck, the fix was put into the Rhino 7 WIP, not 6.28. Please try the WIP to see the fix.