Large City Model Import from CityEngine

Hello guys,

I have a ESRI cityengine model of a city which I would like to export into rhino, I did so using the OBJ (as well as FBX) format, but however I got meshes that are not correctly shaped. (mainly on the roof)

Was wondering if anybody else has a solution to this workflow, it is my first time trying to do this. Hopefully can get some ideas on fixing this issue.
Photos.pdf (354.1 KB)

Same problem here…
ESRI seems to be a nightmare concerning export IMHO…
I would also be interested in the solution, as it seemstands to be possible somehow.

It looks like you might be suffering from the “far from the origin” problem with meshes - even your roads do not appear straight… As the file is probably geo-referenced, I don’t know what your options are… You could try the top-secret test command TestDoublePrecisionMesh (type it out in full, doesn’t autocomplete) on your imported meshes and see if that helps any…


Hey, any chance of a list of these Top Secret test commands? (to try at our own risk of course… :slight_smile:

Actually, it turns out that the roofs were all scrambled like this in CE before i exported, there must be a problem with the rules of creating those roofs… any ideas where I might get help on CE? haha cheers!

Hey Mitch thanks for sharing the ideas, I think the problem was back in CE not in Rhino, gonna need to find some help with CE modelling, Cheers