Issue with exporting mesh from Rhino

Issue with exporting mesh from Rhino
There is an issue while exporting model from Rhino to .STL and .OBJ.
It just turns in a damaged mesh in Cura and even in Rhino when importing it back.

Does anyone have the same situation? Would be glad to get some tips about this.
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From the image it looks like your object might be very far from the origin… That will make bad meshes. If so, move it closer to the origin and re-export.


thanks a lot, that was really helpful.
I’m curious why it happens? If you could explain that will be amazing!
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This has to do with how digital computers deal with numbers - floating point math. Meshes in Rhino are created using single-precision numbers and when an object is very far from the origin there is enough rounding error in those single-precision calculations to make a jagged looking mesh. This is a pretty common issue posted here, which is why I recognized it just from your image.