Scrambled 3ds Export

I am modelling an wine cellar.
A lot of Arches,
Boolean intersections of tubes.
exploded to single surfaces.

I want to render it in Artlantis.
I go there by exporting a 3ds from Rhino.

Usually it works perfect.

But now the geometry arrives scattered in the renderengine.
I tried trough different files, and tested with cylinders out of the menu…

what is the problem?
at some point I had a rhino shader, with stripes, but i think i should have got ride of that.

Does anybody have an advice?

I suspect you are very far from the origin and that your exported mesh is being shattered by floating point computer math fuzz at that distance. This is typical of what happens to Rhino meshes created far from the origin. What tends to confirm my suspicions are the coordinate numbers you see in the lower right corner of the status bar in your image - those are absolutely huge…

If that is the case, try moving your model close to 0 and re-exporting.

–HTH, --Mitch

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Thanx Helvetosaur!

I changed the units and placed it closer to the origin. and it is working now. ufta.