Problem Exporting Meshes in any format

Hi, I am trying to export a quite heavy model to Blender to render it from there and to tweak some parts. The problem is that in any format that I try the model seems to turn chunky full of edges, while it should be quite smooth. I´ve tried every format .3ds, .fbx, .obj and every time it turns the same. II´ve also tried changing the exporting options in .obj but nothing. Also when I try to import the files with another Rhino document the problem persists.
My guess is that the file or the mesh itself is broken or someting.

Please if someone could help me I would be really thankful, since it is for a University task.


Pd: I´ve also tried exporting the meshes individually to facilitate thing to Blender.

You seem to have very large coordinates in use. In one of your screenshots I see a coordinate with the largest number being well over 3\;million.

Blender doesn’t work very well with that. You may want to scale your project down, probably by a factor of 10000 or 100000, and then export again.

Also a good idea to ensure the geometry is moved to world origin

(Do this in a separate version of your 3dm, do first a _SaveAs so you don’t accidently overwrite your work file).

If you could share the object you show in your second screenshot I can have a quick look. If it is confidential you can upload it at with as the recipient. I’ll get an automated notification when the upload is ready.


P.S. the Raytraced viewport mode is Cycles (from Blender).

Hi Nathan!
Thank you very much for your response, I will attach the file you said so yo can take a look. I will try now what you said of scaling and let see if the problem disappers…

Unexportable Mesh.3dm (2.6 MB)

Nathan I´ve made it !!

You were right, the problem was the distance from the origin and the big scale.

Thank you very much !!

The problem is that your surface is very far from world origin. After you move it to world origin the COLLADA export works fine. You might want to tick the “Save Geometry Only” box, to ensure you don’t get the Rhino viewport orientations as cameras. To move your object I did

_Move 0 _Enter w0 _enter

edit: meh, I completely missed your previous answer. Oh well, glad you found out.

Fine, thank you so much !!

Note that before exporting your geometry to Blender you can always switch to Raytraced (again, this is the Cycles renderer from Blender) - if it looks broken there (and your original file does), then it is in all likelihood exactly far-from-origin and/or huge-object problem.

Why, don’t you apply a modifier in blender to smoothen the bumps. This way you can reduce the polygons and render will be faster.

To be more clear, reduce the polygons, then apply the modifier :slight_smile: