Rhino mesh export comes out distorted

Hi Guys
I am in need for some help for a export.
Got this complex architecture model to 3D print.
sizing in 200 x 200 x 200mm. minimal detail size is about 0.5mm
Sadly i cant show the file. as it is confidential.
I will cut it to pieces so i can do a upload if needed.

Thers just one errorous dot showing up with “edge analysis”
So i thought of it beeing good enough for just some last repairs in mesh form.

But… now all my efforts of getting this thing to mesh properly are failing in a weird way.
Please see attached pictures. In green my orignial surface model, in gray the resulting mesh using mesh command. (i get the same by exporting to .stl or .obj) settings are in screenshot 3.
The mesh is distorted and lost all precision. Its jagged an impossible to repair by mesh-tools
any help is greatly appreciated


I would check the scale, and distance from the origin.

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thanks alot.
that fixed almost everything :slight_smile:

What didn’t it fix?