Trying to open .gh file

Hello, I am having a hard time opening my grasshopper file (.gh). Can anyone help. I’m trying to do it through rhino


You open it through grasshopper, not rhino.

Should work in Rhino6. Just drag the gh file into Rhino. Or drag it into Grasshopper directly if it’s already open.
If you double-click a gh file in Windows it will start a new instance of Rhino and load it.


Is there a setting to allow that .gh files open in the current instance of rhino instead?

No, Rhino/Windows doesn’t work that way. You specify an app association with a file extension and windows starts a new instance of that app. So unless Rhino builds in a pre-loader which redirects the file open command, that won’t work. You’ll have to drag the gh file into an existing instance of Rhino or Grasshopper to make it work that way.

Fair enough :slight_smile: