Problem with Dragging and Dropping .gha file into Grasshopper


I am having difficulty dragging and dropping a .gha file into Grasshopper to load…it doesn’t appear to be working. I am using Rhino 5, Grasshopper .9.0076, and a .gha file from a plugin called DTM (Digital Terrain Mesh) in Food4Rhino. Any help is appreciated.


Are you on Mac or Windows?
At any rate, did you try installing that file by going to File > Special Folders > Components in Grasshopper and putting the .gha file (and possibly other files that come with the plugin) in that folder? Restart both Grasshopper and Rhino when you have put the file there.

(Note: this concerns Windows only)

GHA files will be blocked if you get them from an untrusted source (the web, basically). You’ll have to manually unblock them through the file properties.

If the file isn’t blocked and the loading fails, is there an error message anywhere? Perhaps buried in the Rhino command history?