KarambaGH vs. Karamba3D

Hi folks,

We’re currently having an issue similar to an older post (KarambaGH vs. Karamba 3D?) from a few years ago where sadly no resolution was posted in the thread. Namely, while trying to open up a GH file we made a few months ago on another machine, a popup shows up saying that karambaGH is missing (see screenshot attached).

As the only possibility to install Karamba3D is through the official installer (currently at version 1.3.3), I see no possibility to install such mentioned karambaGH

What are we missing? Can @karamba3d help us here?

Many thanks!



yes version 1.x are only available as installers from Food4Rhino and not on the package manager.

What you should check is if the versions of Karamba on both computers match. Usually scripts done with 1.3 should not have this issue.

I already checked food4rhino, but the thing is that I don’t see any version matching " (which would actually be newer than 1.3.3 anyways after all). If karambaGH is an internal package within karamba3D itself (which I assume), then which version of karamba3D should we install via food4rhino to get this file working again? I haven’t access to the other machine this file was created, but as this was done in July I assume this must also be done with karamba3D 1.3.3. No clue how to proceed here.

Hi Martin, in version 1 we made some errors with the versioning so it might be that this is not correct. However all old components should function in newer versions of Karamba. So it might be that your other computer had an even newer version (WIP) version of Karamba installed. You can go to here to download it: Release Karamba3D · karamba3d/K3D_NightlyBuilds · GitHub

If you still have issues please share your script or send us an email.

super weird after all. we installed rhino and karamba from scratch and it solved our issue on that particular machine. now on karamba3d 1.3.3 and it works, so not sure how to resolve this issue in the future besides a reinstallation. but thanks for the fast reply/support!