KarambaGH vs. Karamba 3D?

I was trying to open this file01_ParametricTruss_RH6.gh (51.1 KB) from this tutorial page. But then I got this error messageUnopened1. I know I have Karamba 3D in my computer. But when I click download and install, it gives me this following error Unopened2

What is the difference between karambaGH and karamba3D? How do I fix this? Thank you!

Hi - Which version did you install and how did you install it?

That just means that Karamba isn’t available as a package on the Rhino Yak package manager and that you will have to download and install that manually from Food4Rhino.

I don’t know why the missing components dialog refers to version and the latest version on Food4Rhino seems to be 1.3.2 but @karamba3d can probably explain that.

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Hi @n.smust, there is only one version of karamba which is available from either our website or food4rhino. We have not worked with the Yak development yet so you would not be able to update with this function.


Hi Matthew,

I am having a similar issue, when I try to open the Large Deformation Shell example GH file, it gives me a long list of components which is says are not installed. It says that they are from karambagh 1.15. When I try to manually search for these components I can’t find them in the Karamba tool bar either.

I have installed the most recent version of Karamba 3D 1.3.2 and have also purchased and set up my student license.

I will attach screen shots of the messages that I am receiving.karamba%20issue2 karamba%20issue

Many Thanks,


Do you mind create a separate thread?

Hi @amelias2
try to uninstall and reinstall Karamba and check that you have installed the full or trial version of Karamba.