Karamba model: Cant find node

I am trying to use Karamba, and all my trials were just regarding basic lines and very simple structures.
now that i started working on this complicated structure, it keeps giving me this error:

  1. Solution exception:Could not find node at (2548.02058549423/1513.67953222763/1.03940214073738) where support number 0 is attached.
    This never goes away, regardless of whatever I change in the input.
    Attached is the file im working on.

Best regards.
shading structure karamba.gh (356.1 KB)

Hi Khled,
you need to flatten your input for the elements and supports and there should not be any problems. If you do not flatten the input you will see that you have multiple models in your setup. It is not necessary for you to input the points in the AssembleModel.