Could not find node at support error

Hi there,

I am trying to set up a Karamba3D model of a gridshell, following a tutorial since I’m a beginner at Karamba.
I found that multiple people have had this error before me, it’s saying that a node can’t be found at the point where I define the supports when I input the support component into the assemble component.
I’ve tried multiple ways to fix this, including extracting the support point from the mesh to shell component so that the point is definitely located on the mesh. I also tried the find similar member component and flattened all the inputs into the assemble component, but nothing seems to work.
It’d be great if someone could help me with this :slight_smile:
karamba grid (22.6 KB)
gridshell panel.3dm (95.6 KB)

Hi, this error occurs when the nodes you specified for your supports are not vertices on your actual geometry. Check your mesh and make sure that those points lie on the mesh. If all fails you can use the closestpoint component to snap all your points to points that lie on your mesh.

Hi, thanks for your reply! I extracted the vertices that I selected from my mesh and then connected them into them to the supports so I’m sure they are on the mesh. How exactly would I use the closest points component, like what exactly do I input and output?

Hi @Huber_Lilly,
I think the input units of the geometry are not correct. Here is the definition with the find similar approach:
karamba grid (22.5 KB),
gridshell panel.3dm (95.6 KB).

– Clemens

I extracted only a few support points and it worked now, thank you very much!