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97.02.15-2.gh (32.0 KB)

hi everyone,
I am learning to use karamba for a project and new to it, so maybe it is a simple problem but i can’t solve it.

i am trying to form a shell, there is a problem with the support points i am choosing, there is this error:

“1. Solution exception:Could not find node at (23.5886234637005/2.43707279112281/0) where support number 0 is attached.”

i checked on some other files as well but there is always this error, how can i solve this problem? i attached a part of the file.

I’m on my phone and can’t open your file now. One of these topics should be helpful:


Hi @paras2.piray

Please see the example and the points below:

  1. you need to split your lines at their intersection - The Line Line Intersection component in Karamba is very useful for this.
    97.02.15-2-mt.gh (34.0 KB)
  2. the support nodes need to be actual nodes in your structural model - therefore it gives you this error. You can use the Find Similar Member Component to snap to the points of the model
  3. the note above also applies to point loads