Error "Solution exception:Could not find node at...where support index

Hello everybody,

As a beginner on Grasshopper, I am learning the basics thanks to projects. In this one, I have to analyze a structure but I encountered an issue at the “Assemble” step.
The error is “1. Solution exception:Could not find node at (8.98477342896948/0.523303382450349/0.03) where support index 1 is attached.”, apparently it is due to a difference between the model input in the Assemble and the support points. I read that “Flatten” the Assemble inputs can resolve the problem, but not here.
If someone knows how to correct my Grasshopper file, I would be really thankful !

I join the file with this message.
Thank you and have a good day (31.4 KB)

hi, you need to make sure your beams are modelled as curves/lines rather than mesh pipes. This is why karamba3d does not recognise your support points as these do not exist on your mesh geometry.

Also, are both the surface and the beams structural or is the mesh intended as a cladding?