Karamba.Materials.FemMaterial_Isotrop() parameters

Hi There,

I’m trying to use the FemMaterial_Isotrop Constructor under Karamba.Materials.

one of the attributes is “_fy” described as material strength in KN/m2
I don’t get if this is the compressive or tensile strength.

The GH component has them as separate inputs but it seems different in the API.

docs link below

thank you for your time

a follow-up question, where can I post-docs errors and feature requests for Karamba3d’s API?

The Github page seems to have test scripts but not the dev/ release repository itself.


Hi @keerthana,
in karamba3D 2.2.0, materials have a tensile (“ft”) and a compressive strength (“fc”) - see here. In previous versions (<=1.3.3) ‘fy’ was the yield strength in tension and compression.
When you find errors in the documentation please report them to info@karamba3d.com.
– Clemens