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Hi Karamba,
i am writing some c# code that creates a karamba model.
The constructor of FemMaterial_Isotrop expects kN/m2 for the Young´s modulus.
According to the documentation (1.3.2) the method E() is supposed to return kN/cm2, but it returns the Young´s modulus in kN/m2.
Have there been API changes? Is this a typo in the documentation?
Thanks for your help.

Ok, i think it´s a typo in the documentation.
It should be kN/m2 also in the method E().

Can someone confirm?

Probably the test/example under is a bit misleading then.
Young´s modulus of steel should be 210000000kN/m2 ?!

var materials = new List { new Karamba.Materials.FemMaterial_Isotrop(“family”, “name”, 210000000, 10000, 10000, gamma, 10, 0, null) };

Hello @tilman.reinhardt,
thanks for the input! You are right there is a typo in the documentation. It should be kN/m². I will also change the value in the test. Sorry for the inconvenience.
– Clemens

Hello @tilman.reinhardt, could you tell me the page number so that I can remove the typo? Thanks!
– Clemens

Hi Clemens,

ich beziehe mich auf die 1.3.2 SDK Dokumentation:

Ich denke mal, das trifft auch auf G, fy, etc. zu…

Btw gibt es davon eine aktuellere Version?

Hi Til,
thanks for the hint! We are currently preparing an on-line version of the SDK documentation and the scripting manual.
– Clemens

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