Karamba3D for FRP analisys

Hi everybody, I’m new here.

I’m working on my master thesis project that involves the design of a simple shelter made out of FRP. I wanted to perform a FE-analisys on the structure but i read that Karamba doesn’t compute anisotropic materials, even though is possible to choose material as wood, that not isotropic either.
The structure is made out of beam elements, so no shell elements.

My question is, if I create a custom material with the mechanical properties of FRP would my analisys still be verified and valid since I am using only beam elements? Or would it be cheating?

Thank you all for your help.

Hi Andrea,
in Karamba3d 1.3.0 it is possible to define orthotropic material behavior for shells.
For beam elements it is OK to use an isotropic material since they are 1-dimensional load bearing elements.

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Got it! Thank you so much for the help!