Karamba material properties

Hi there,
I’m currently doing my dissertation about 3D concrete printing with fibers reinforcement and recently had purchased the student license. I would like to clear out a couple of questions.
The first one is regarding the materials properties, i would like to know if it’s possible to assign to the material different tensile and compressive strength. For example, concrete which has tensile strength much more lower than the compressive one.
The other question is regarding with the non linearity of the material. I read in yours online manual that it’s possible to choose 3 different types of algorithm (dynamic relaxation, Newton Rhapson and Arc-length), but what type of behavior it’s possible to assign to the material? For example, linear or plastic behavior or elasto-plastic (bi-liner), or if it’s possible to assign a stress-strain curve that’s represent the behavior correctly? I would like to know if it’s possible to change that and where.
Thanks for any help

Hi Gustavo. I´m also interested in this topic.

In previous Karamba3D version (1.3.2), it was possible to assign different compressive and tensile yield strengths in MatProps component (+ and - fy input). However, for some reason I cannot find such option in current version (1.3.3). Perhaps, @karamba3d would help us at some time :slight_smile:. Thanks!

Hi Vigardo. Thanks for the reply!
I tried to assign two yield strengths in MatProps, but i don’t think that works, cause it seems to create two same materials with differents yield strength’s :confused:
But yeah, lets wait for @karamba3d reply.
Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

Hi Gustavo. I think that current Karamba3D version (1.3.3) does not have two different +fy and -fy inputs, it is previous version (1.3.2) which has. Which version are you using?

Hi. I was using the 1.3.3 version. But Then i tried the previous 1.3.2 version and there is only one yield strength’s input in Matprops :confused: as you can see below:

Are you sure, that this is the right version? Thanks

for using different material strength in tension and compression you need to switch to Karamba3D 2.0.0 WIP (see https://github.com/karamba3d/K3D_NightlyBuilds/releases). There it is also possible to define different yield hypotheses for the materials (Rankine, Van Mises,…).
At the moment the calculation in Karamba3D is physically linear. The material strength is used to calculate the material utilization.
– Clemens

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Thanks man! Appreciate de help.

Very good news !

Perhaps I had some WIP version related to some minor bug solution at version 1.3.2 time. Sorry! Good news the new WIP 2.0.0 version as well!

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No problem…thanks for the help anyway. I appreciate it man!

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