Karamba 3d - How to analysis the curved beam?

I am a beginner of karamba, and I wonder how to analysis curved beams in karamba? I just made a test model today. It seems that the “line to beam” component will automatically select the end points to create a straight line even if I made a polyline. Someone told me that I can use “index to beam”, but I still can not fix it. The error said: Solution exception:Element 0: node-index xxx is out of permissible range.

Can someone help me with that? Attached is the screenshot.

Hi, you are using the wrong component if you want to analyse a curve. You need to use the LineToBeam component and make sure that you are using v2 of Karamba3D. Please see Karamba3D Tidbits #10 - Line to Beam - YouTube

Thank you! I think I should update the rhino and karamba.