Curved element to beam

Hi everyone! I’m quite new to grasshopper, I’m doing my master thesis with that. I’m using curved elements, but when I pass the elements to the command “line-line intesecrion” of karamba the software give me the error of unsuccesfull tranformation from curve to beam, I have tried also to transform the curve in a polyline, but the error is remained. Anyone know how to solve this problem?

Thank you in advance to everyone!

I don’t know if this is what you need, divide the curve and draw lines between each two consecutive points, because this component asks for lines so it will not accept a curve. (11.4 KB)

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Why don’t you tag your post with “karamba”

Thank you a lot for the answer!! Now It seems perfect! The only problem is that dividing the curves are no more intersecting, do you know how to solve this problem?

can you please share this file ?

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Hi @alessandro3.bonvini,

This are general grasshopper applications you need to perform before bringing any geometry into Karamba.

  1. First split all your curves at their intersections (the Line|Line intersection component only works with straight lines - nurbs curve with degree 1)
  2. Convert them to polylines
  3. Explode the polylines into separate segments.
  4. Input them into Karamba
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Of course (29.1 KB)

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Check this one. The problem was that when you divide the curve and rebuild it, the new rebuilt lines will not intersect together since you are reducing the quality of the curve-reducing the number of segments-, so the solution is to draw each curve as a polyline from the intesection points. (35.3 KB)

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Thank you Mate! Now works!

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