Help, edge beam was not defined (Karamba 3D)

Hi everyone,
the edge beam was not defined for me, does anyone know why?
I would be very grateful if someone could help me with this.
best regards

01 Project.3dm (70.9 KB)
01 (25.0 KB)

Karamba can only define the beam elements if there are corresponding line segments. I’ve added them for you. Additionally, I adjusted the support conditions to align with the picture above. The cross sections I included in the white groups don’t make sense. They are only for demonstrational purposes. Also, you should check the cables because they are currently set up as beam elements, which means they have bending stiffness.

01 (44.0 KB)

Hi Mario,
thanks for your help. could you take a look to see if everything is complete.
Best regards,
Project (39.0 KB)

do you know why there is this gap in between. like in the picture.

to get rid of the gap you need to close the polyline.

Thank you for your help.
I’m doing it for the first time and it would be very helpful if everything is correct so that I can continue working with it.
Can you tell me whether anything else needs to be corrected