Kangaroo Collision & Rigid Body Dynamics

Hi there lovely grasshopper community,

I am currently working and learning the rigid body dynamics in Grasshopper with using Kangaroo & the collision example from Daniel’s Github.

But there is a small issues am facing where:

  1. There seems to be gravitational pull from the cubes towards themselves once they fall and while they are falling. Is it possible to achieve a more realistic fall and scatter for them.
  2. The grasshopper example here has an option to remove a single cube from the pile to study the fall dynamics, but even when I don’t remove a single cube from the column, it still falls while they are fully stacked. Any idea how to fix that? Where the column doesn’t fall while they are fully stacked to reach more realistic result.

240210-Column Aggregation.gh (34.7 KB)
240211-Column Collision.3dm (71.2 KB)