Rigid body collision: proof stability of structure


I was trying to proof the stability of this structure with as simple rigid body collision.
The Definition is from Daniel Piker.
Unfortunately the simulation is not working. Any ideas on how to improve the simulation?

stability rigid body collision.gh (29.9 KB)


I actually wouldnt solve this with rigid body collision, but would instead use collinear goals and rigid point set. I’ll post an example tomorrow.

Ok, thank you. I tried to figure it out myself but unfortunately failed, as I am a grasshopper beginner.
I would really appreciate it, if you could post an example.

Hi @lennartek.1303

Sorry for the delay.
Here’s a way of doing this - it uses Collinear goal to create a sliding connection.
I realise the setup for this is a bit complex looking - I’m trying to make some simpler ways of creating these sorts of connections.

Anyway, it looks from this simulation like that structure relies only on friction for the legs not sliding past each other at the top, so probably not very stable unless you added some way of blocking this.
tripod_table.gh (18.7 KB)