Dropping an object to a surface - kangaroo

Hi all
It’s possible with Kangaroo Grasshopper falling a object on a surface o simulate the gravity?

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Have a look at this : Rigid body collision tests on Vimeo

// Rolf

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Thank you RIL
Yes the video is right but I don’t know to build the simulation, can help me please?

Hopefully one of these examples can help. Try the floor collide.gh or rigid_mesh_collision.gh ones.

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Thank you Piker! I try to see the example.

I’m try use rigid_mesh_collision.gh, I’m click the cylinder but the rigidbody box is red and
I don’t understand why?

Can you tell me about the step by step?

Thank you

Could it be that the mesh is not closed? it won’t work with an open mesh

It’s a solid cyclinder closed, can i use a alternative Surface ?


Can you attach a Rhino+Kangaroo example to understand where I mistake, Please :slight_smile:

Here’s an example. It is the same setup as shown in your screenshot above, with the geometry internalised.
I don’t know why yours isn’t working - my best guess is that it is something to do with the Brep used, but without seeing the input can’t tell for sure.
Cylinder_drop.gh (22.3 KB)

Hi Daniel - do you have any Idea how one might drop a solid object onto another Brep/mesh, as opposed to the C Plane?

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this looks amazing - do you have a ‘how to’ for Mac to be able to do this??