Having trouble making tensile structures (new to grasshopper and kangaroo)

i am designing something with lots of triangular tensile structures and am trying to make something like this in grasshopper/kangaroo 2

I want to be able to drag the anchor points but i really don’t know what to do and ive tried tutorials for hours but i just can’t understand why things do things ):

please help

sorry if what im asking is really difficult/complicated

By definition a tensile structure should have double curvature in order to be able to carry external loads. For this you need a minimum of 4 corner points. Add to this that once deformed under external load, the membrane can accumulate water due to rain or snow melt and the water has no way of exiting the surface. Triangular membranes are not a good idea at all.

The first example file here is very close to what you are trying to do:

If you’re watching tutorials, make sure they’re for Kangaroo 2, as many major things changed between 1 and 2. For instance, with 2 there is no longer any need to use the timer.
If the first input on the main Kangaroo solver component is called ‘Force objects’ instead of ‘GoalObjects’, it is the old one, and you should ignore those tutorials.

(also agree with @davidsmavrov - only 3 corners isn’t so good for tensile structures)


when i said tensile structures i didn’t really mean it, i just couldn’t think of another way to describe what im designing which is more a tent than an actual structure.

and yes i looked at the link you provided but i i just can’t get the anchor points to work for me ):

You need to have the gumball option on in Grasshopper, then select the points connected to the ‘T’ input of the anchor in Grasshopper, and the gumball handles should appear in the rhino viewport

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oh my god it worked!!! last question, is there any way i can construct a surface from the whole thing? thank you so much for your help!