Inflating error using pressure (Kangaroo physics)

Hi! I`m having error when connecting the pressure to the springs component, the mesh is supposed to inflate but it only bounces, when I tried connecting the pressure it disappears.

Use kangaroo2 and follow this sample

this one?
inflation (


Thank you, but I tried and still, it doesn`t work, do you know why? (29.5 KB)

You need to run kangaroo 2 not this ancient kangaroo 1. Rhino 6 has kangaroo by default.

thank you! it did inflate, but now the color gradient somehow isn`t working

With Kangaroo2 you don’t need any timer component.
To get the mesh output, use the Show component and data trees like this: (18.0 KB)

thanks! I could apply color but now its not like before (so the gradient should go from the peaks down, like the other image, but in the current model its like out of scale looks more like stripes. (32.0 KB)