Gravity effect

Good morning,
Using grasshopper I’m trying to let a three-pieces wooden stick drop from an high just from a gravity effect, to observe how it falls and how the three pieces interact with each other once on the ground. Furthermore I would like to ask you if it’s possible to create a series of falling objects like this, falling one after the other in different timings, and see the way the stack once fallen. Attached you’ll find the first draft file I was able to create. I think the problem could be the fact I only defined a single ground level without taking in consideration the other objects.
I’m just a beginner with the program and would really like some help.
Thank you in advance
Agnese Blanca

Ramo caduta in (189.8 KB)

The SolidCollide component is a bit tricky, and currently doesn’t work well for more than quite simple objects.
Instead, here I’d recommend drawing the centreline of each of the sticks as a polyline, and putting the segments of these into a ‘Collider’ goal, which treats them as cylinders of varying radii. This sort of collision is much faster and more stable.
Ramo caduta in (192.6 KB)
I’ll also be honest though - for animations of colliding non convex shapes there are much easier ways of doing this than Kangaroo/Grasshopper - such as Bongo or Blender.

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