Kangaroo and High Poly Meshes

Hello, I’ve been trying to “bloat” this mesh with kangaroo’s Pressure (and Vertex Load), but the only way I can get it to work is by drastically reducing the face count. If I dont, the mesh disappears as soon as the solver starts running (second image shows what happens with 3 frames).
I’ve tried to balance the strengths of all goals but saw no difference; only thing I’ve noticed is that it seems to fail more frequently with quadrangulated meshes (rather than triangulated ones). What am I missing?

Pressure [FORUM].gh (226.3 KB)

Hi @olivaniccolo

This isn’t caused by the poly count.
The main problem was that your Kangaroo tolerance setting was less than the length of some of the shortest edges in your mesh.
Also for use with pressure, meshes should be triangulated (you can still use the non-triangulated mesh for the output).
Thirdly, I’d recommend using the regular ‘Solver’ component instead of the BouncySolver, unless seeing it bounce is part of your aim. If you just want to find the form, the regular solver is faster.
Here it is with those fixes:
Pressure [FORUM].gh (224.9 KB)

I see you had the lengthfactor set to 1.5 - this will likely cause some crumpling because the mesh is trying to expand, though it is fixed around the boundary.
If you want something smooth, keep it at 1, and if you want it to stretch out more reduce the strength.

Finally, I notice that the input mesh wasn’t great (lots of tiny triangles around the edge, but bigger quads in the middle, hence the original issue with edges below tolerance). For a smoother result, use quadremesh or triremesh on it first:
Pressure [FORUM]2.gh (226.7 KB)


Thank you for your reply Daniel, it was extremely helpful!

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