Kangaroo for multiple meshes

kangroo multiple mesh.gh (80.2 KB)
I wish to run the same goal on multiple meshes, and I’ve already separated them, but Kangaroo flattens my goals. Please help?? Also I cannot run it individually cuz I’ve got like hundreds of surfaces at the end, just testing it on a small scale.

Hi @aeaechan96,

The problem lies at the beginning of your definition, where you use the Clean (Combine & Clean) components, which join your individual meshes into a single one.
Either get rid of both of these, or graft their mesh inputs (so that they can only access one mesh at a time).

Hello! I found this worked, however had a further issue when not using very rectangular geometries, it does not compile, do you perhaps know why? why is my mesh invalid.gh (36.3 KB)

What is it exactly that you want to do? I don’t get it.
There’s a single polygonal mesh in your definition now and a whole bunch of Kangaroo components are setup to simulate something, however it’s kind of hard to tell what!

Can you post a reference, diagram, sketch, or whatever to explain yourself a little better?

Furthermore, the simulation does run, however things happen so quickly that you barely see the mesh moving. It basically infinitely flies away or collapses onto itself. This might indicate that some simulation values are off (e.g. forces too high, resistances to low, etc.) or some goals ill-defined.

There also is no “compiling” happening in Grasshopper. :wink: