Kangaroo won't relax my structure

Hi everyone!
im trying to relax my design using the kangaroo bouncy solver.
i managed to do it in one way, but my mesh’s division isnt working properly at the edges, as it kinda messes up the inner grid.
on the other hand, i managed to get my wanted grid on the mesh, but it doesnt relax my structure.
thank you in advance!

קוד וויצמן מולטיהול.gh (46.7 KB)

עוד שתי חלופות תראו.rar (14.2 MB)
Forgot the 3dm file, there it is.

IMO, the grid from Quad Remeshcould be more adaptable with your boundary curve than a regular orthogonal grid like you did…

קוד וויצמן מולטיהול_re.gh (16.6 KB)


wow!! thank you so much it’s perfect!

Hi again! I have another question… I’m trying to fix the proportions of the domes.
I was wondering if I’m able to control each dome’s height?

I need to get the highest one less pointy at the top (reducing the height), while the height of the passages between the domes wont be reduced as well.

Do you think it’s possible?