I have some trouble inflating my mesh, somehow the shape doesn’t change, I did it before with a box and it works. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong

Did you mean to post a file?
The shape in your image looks inflated and like it is working.
You might want to use a higher subdivision level to get a smoother surface.

I also recommend using the Weaverbird ‘Stellate’ component with the distance set to 0 to triangulate the quad faces. This splits each quad into 4 triangles symmetrically, whereas the default triangulation can introduce a directional bias that can cause the resulting inflated form to twist in unwanted ways.

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LunarBase_inflate.gh (11.2 KB) LunarBase_inflate.3dm (3.1 MB)
The square is inflated but the other one (the rectangular/origami mesh) isn`t inflating, remains the same shape

It helps to add a few anchor points. You need to attach it somewhere :slight_smile:

LunarBase_inflate.gh (20.1 KB)

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Here’s another great inflation example:

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