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(GH_god) #1

Hey guys, just came across this video and would love to know how it work. can someone help me figure it out?


Veronoi patern select… and recrusive offset/rotation something about 10 time… I guess

(Laurent Delrieu) #4

Hello you can try searching on old site

You must find what you want
Put in Google your keywords plus

(Pfotiad0) #5

That’s a classic recursion thingy. Recursion is a freaky situation where something calls itself and then calls itself again … until something happens and the loop is over.

See attached. Bad news: solution done with C# code only … meaning that is not the right thing for you [but who knows? maybe in the future … blah, blah]. (131.7 KB)

You can get plain stuff like this:

Or twisted in 3d space LOL stuff like that:

Tip: try it with polys from a faceted dome (LOL*2).

Stuck in Grasshopper-Python Recursion

Using anemone… (10.0 KB)

(Laurent Delrieu) #7

Some of Grasshopper reference

And video is from Pieter Segeren

(GH_god) #12

nevermind about the 3d that was pretty straight forward! haha

(GH_god) #13

the 3d was pretty straightforward after the 2d pattern! haha but definitely some advice in learning how to code or excel at grasshopper would be much appreciated!

(Pfotiad0) #14

Er … hmm … you mean writing C# stuff in just 1234 easy steps? (forget it for the moment) or doing the same with excel data? (ditto).