Mandala - Closing open lines and simplifying script

Hello Forum.
I’ve created a script to create a mandala pattern…to be ultimately cut out with a laser cutter/CNC router.
As the last step, I’m trying to close some of the open lines…but can’t - can someone help?
I’m also keen to find a method of selecting some of the concentric patterns individually - perhaps with an ‘item tree’ somehow?.
Why is my boundary boxes showing an error?
Also the script runs super slow…any advice on simplifying it?
I’d appreciate your help.
Thanks, (30.3 KB)

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thank you @John_Brock
How do you mean, categorise my message? Do I need to still do that?

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Will do.
Thank you

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It doesn’t seem all that heavy to me. Those boundary surface components are the only potentially “heavy” components. Use Close Curve component from pufferfish to close up all the open curves.

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Try grouped.
Bare in mind, it is not a general solution. (37.4 KB)

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This looks very good Jikinta.
Thank you.
The ‘Closed’ script is interesting…it all looks great.
I’m looking to create a ‘3d’ object (perhaps Extrude) from his 2D graphic pattern.
I’m a rookie: How could I do that from the script as it exists?
I see the ‘panel’ box with the list and ‘TRUE’ text. Can you explain in more detail what this is?
Can I select the different closed shapes?
Thank you.

Good to see. Thank you @devin_jernigan

Hello again @Jakinta
Thanks for the solution to close the curves.
It would be great to get some more feedback from you:
Why don’t you think its a not a general solution?
I would still also learn a lot more about your solution - the panel box, and ‘TRUE’ box etc.
I’ve enclosed a snap of my work-in-progress (which is super close)…and the GH file. I’m trying to select the closed shapes (with slider)…and an extrude disc with holes.
Kind regards,
Jason (34.6 KB)

Hi @jason_morenikeji ,

Panels were used for better insight on data structure. They do not affect solution at all.
TRUE was there only as a proof of concept that all polylines were closed.

I have already structured your data in “radial” branches. Check the blue group. You can pick branches with slider. If you want to choose within branches, play with indexes (indices).

For everything else: just practice, practice, practise…
"Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better." Samuel Beckett (36.1 KB)

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Thank you @Jakinta
Thanks for the solution…and the super wise words.
Kind regards,

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