Subdivision mesh Catmul Clark for Rhino WIP

Hi guys, I started the work on making a Catmul-Clark sub divider for Rhino to cover some of my needs. This works in V5 and will of course work in V6 when that ships. It can not compete with the WIP subD sollution as the output is mesh only, but it is still vastly better than nothing :slight_smile:

I’ll keep you updated.


Just a question, why are you not using the weaverbird one?
The catmull-clark Subdivision works very good, in my opinion.

The reason is that I need it available as buttons in a toolbar for a customer, and Grasshopper isn’t a simple environment to administer. It works fine when the users are skilled, but can be very difficult to bugtrack for a helpdesk. So a pick-the-mesh-and-click-a-toolbar is the way to go in some situations.

As far as I recall, Weaverbird is also a Rhino plugin and does expose functionality via buttons and commands. I haven’t really used this though, so I might be mistaken as to the extent of the functionality.

Edit: That said, kudos on developing your own implementation, having alternatives is, as always, highly appreciated :vulcan_salute:

will it be mac compatible? some easy plugin to do that without having to launch grasshopper would be useful, i see that WB might also work as plugin for windows but neither can i confirm that nor can i install that on my system.

something general about the subdivisions: weaverbird’s grasshopper plugin allows only divisions up to 3. in other software packages it is possible to divide until 6. but maybe i am mistaken, i at least could not squeeze more out of it.

Nice! Make the the complex simple. Hope your “customers” realize what a valuable resource you are…

@RichardZ you can install Weaverbird in MacWIP. Works fine. Need to install it manually (place files) if I recal.

the WB plugin for grasshopper on mac works of course, but for the plugin all i get is this
i tried to install it manually under application support etc.


It is actually possible to set the division level beyond 3. At least on the Grasshopper side of things, there’s a menu point for it when right-clicking the components (if I recall correctly).

Thanks for the feedback guys, The main reasons for the development was to make a new Mesh subdivision algorithm that does NOT alter the initial vertices, and then I needed to catmull-clark-smooth that afterwards.

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Right…I missed the NOT Grasshopper part on the small screen.

anything beyond 3 will automatically reduce it to 2. you can plug in a number slider set to integer and use a max value of 10 or anything higher than 3 and use the slider and see what happens when you go beyond 3.

I’m not sure I follow, unless I’m misunderstanding your point, entering the Dynamic preview menu point and clicking No enables you to override this behaviour:


Edit: Think I didn’t hit the proper reply button @RichardZ

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i got a bubble babbling something about dynamic preview and could not figure where this might be hiding.
it seems one can go even beyond 6 after setting this.

I don’t find it that intuitive either, to be honest :wink: