Join curves default Right-Click is "No"

Can you please set YES to default for Join so we can either hit space or rightclick to continue joining curves?

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Hi Jorgen - Looks like an arm-wrestle.

Wow, I lived in New York when I griped about this and it just got now ‘fixed’!



Wish still stands though, V5 is much better than V6 for us who work with nasty curves :slight_smile:

Yeah, both ways make sense - @DanBayn was also not happy - that’s two independent gripes - real users doing real work win… I’ll see if we can revert this…
most lilely not until 6.1

I see the point in having both ways too, so maybe hitting just “n” could work as a “no/cancel” and Spacebar could be “OK”?

To me Rhino asks if I want to join, and "Enter for “OK” " is the most used logic in Rhino, thus hitting enter/space/RMB is natural for this. (IMO)

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