WISH: Join curves with fillet=0 option

Hi @pascal I often use FilletCrv with 0 to join angled curves that don’t touch or overlap.

It would be great to have this option in ordinary Join as a supplement to the current “average end points” behavior. (Obviously it would need to only be optional if the curves are not parallel, and maybe have an “apparent overlap” feature too in the future.

Does that make sense to you too?

_Connect does that and has the option to join or not…

Rereading your post, I see this is a request to add this to Join. I agree it might be a good addition.


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Use Connect with option Join=Yes.in place of the Join command or FilletCrv with radius 0.

I know, but I wish for join to incorporate it so we don’t have to switch commands :slight_smile:

Then always use Connect instead of Join when dealing with curves. Connect with Join=Yes works exactly like Join for curves with coincident ends, and extends or trims the curves as you desire if the ends are not coincident. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Join is worked deep into my nervous system so I still wish for what I wish for :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
One tool to rule them all with Ctrl-J as shortcut to connect curves, meshes and surfaces sound sweet to me.

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Well, not exactly… Connect only works on one pair of curves at a time. And not even if they are preselected.

A “connect” option in Join would probably only work with two curves at a time because the algorithm has to know which two curves to connect.

That is true for Connect. Join doesn’t need this info though, it just joins everything it can that is within tolerance.

True also that some ambiguous situations could arise assuming that Join tried to extend various curves in a preselection to be able to join with others that are further away than tolerance. I haven’t really analyzed all the possible situations.

A command can be set up to present different command line options depending on what is preselected (if anything). If more than 2 curves are selected, perhaps the option would simply not be available.

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Yeah… but I really do not like this approach - All in all, I think this Connect within Join idea is not such a good one, I guess. There are so many potential exceptions that it just seems far more understandable and simple to leave it like it is - however, the YT item is there for Mikko at the moment, he’s way smarter than me and may just make something that works.


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Yeah, this is perhaps what they call here “une fausse bonne idée” - something that sounds good on the surface, but that a more in-depth analysis reveals that it causes more problems than it solves…

Maybe, but I don’t think so.

All I envisioned was an option to when two none touching curves are asked to be joined if they can CONNECT as an alternative to AVERAGE end points IF they are in plane.

If multiple curves are selected then just ignore this just as it does today.

Today it looks like this if we try to join two none touching curves:


So what I wish for is a question with multiple alternatives like this:

The distance between the closest ends is 0.468575.
What do you want to do?
[ Average join ] [ Connect ] [ Cancel ]

(Connect is not an option if curves are not in plane)

If it still sounds too complex then I guess I have to rest my case :slight_smile:

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Hi Jorgen - if it were a sort of situational-pseudo-option like this and not a command line option, I could start to get behind this idea…


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Nice, give it some time.
I understand that it’s easy to overcomplicate my simplistic ui wishes.
But that’s probably because you think I’m more sophisticated than I am :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: