Jasper morrison Door Handle

Jasper morrison Door handle.3dm (3.3 MB)

Please tell me how to make it !


Since there’s a 3D of the model, I’d use pictureframe to first insert
all the views screen captured.

For making… maybe something like
writing with trackpad is…difficult…

Blue area is just extrude, yellow highlight a planar surface or surface of choice, maybe some rounded…
Red area sweep2 and black fillet.

Or make curves to fill in by networksrf or edgesrf I guess…

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The most important view is missing; a 3/4-view from the rear, showing how the tapered circular surface gently flares out to become a freeform G2 surface that at the tip of the handle blends into the almost flat front.

These three photos (click to enlarge) with a patch layout will help you a bit ; )



nice, what was the workflow to get to the finished model ?

If someone’s still interested in patch layouts, here’s a model done after a 3D scan.FSB 1144 door handle.3dm (2.5 MB)