Best way to Loft or plane this opening

I am trying to put a surface on the open /U shaped feature on this part. I tried Loft and Plane. I’m not getting anything. Am I using the wrong command? Or am I missing something? I plan to print the part in engineering resin.


1.16 Door Mechanism 2 Metric Need 8.3dm (1005.2 KB)

I managed to patch the curves for the desired affect that I was looking for. This gives me a surface with a graph on it. I tried SelAll and Join. That did not work. Next I tried Boolean Union. Fail there as well. Anyone have any thoughts on what I’m not doing correctly? Here’s an updated version of the file…

1.16 Door Mechanism V2.3dm (1.0 MB)

Hi Terry - in this case, make a cylinder in Right that is centered on the obvious arc there - the Cen osnap will find it. Extrude the circle - or just make a cylinder - and then trim that with the edges of the original part

(If you leave that end square and closed to begin with you can get this result by just BooleanDifference-ing a cylinder.)


Thanks Pascal,

That makes a lot of sense. I’ll give it a whirl.