Camera rotation goes nuts

I am setting up views by entering values in the Viewport Properties Camera and Target coordinates boxes. I want the “Rotation” box to stay at 0. When I adjust the values in the camera and target (making sure rotation is set to 0) and click OK to execute, Rhino often enters some random small value (a few degrees) in the rotation box, and the view is tilted. If I go back into Viewport properties, I then see a value like 356.54 in the rotation box. If I set it again to 0, sometimes it rotates and sticks correctly, sometimes it does nothing and sometimes it rotates off in the other direction some random value… Seems very buggy to me.

This is a big file with lots of objects in the scene, but this shouldn’t make a difference…

As an addition, in this file, Named views is having a hell of a time… I only have a few (3 or 4) but saving one takes over a minute with the Rhino window flashing and the windows “Busy” spinner showing up. I think the problem here might be that it’s struggling to create the thumbnails from the big scene…


Hi Mitch- is the messiness in a perspective view or parallel, or does it matter? Also, is saving of named views faster if you turn off thumbnails ?

Also, Mitch, you are entering these in the ViewportProperties command’s dialog, right? Any difference if you use the Properties panel with no selection?



Hi Pascal,

This is in a perspective view and saving goes much faster if I turn off “Auto-Update Thumbnails”… (I still see the thumbnails, but I guess they don’t need to be recreated…)

Yes, I’m entering them in Viewport Properties. Will have a go with normal Properties and report back…

Cheers --Mitch

I am having the same problem, the camera just rotates randomly once the viewport is animated. Where is the “normal Properties”? Is it this one?

As opposed to the “viewport” within the properties?
Did you find a solution to it? So far the only thing I’ve thought of is to move to each tick and correct the camera…

Would you be able to send me an example model showing this problem?
It’s hard to say what goes wrong without seeing the model.