Issues using a custom font

I am using the the shape driver text input and the squid text curves command. Locally my definition works fine and I can see my model on my computer. However after uploading to shape-driver the font is no longer my custom font but I think its Arial. What might be causing this Issue and how can I resolve this?

Please let me know which font you are trying to use. It is likely not installed on our servers, which would be a simple explanation to your issue. If this is a free font, I can add it to the list of font requests and later add it to the servers.

Hello Mathieu,

I see myself running into the same issue.
I want users to be able to download Squid pdf offers for the model they created. The offer should be in the font I am using with my brand.
It`s a free Google font with an open font licence. “BARLOW”

Would it be possible to add this font to your servers for me?

The Barlow font is already on ShapeDiver.

You can check all available fonts here: